We understand how it feels to bear a child with Down Syndrome.

If you have been flagged by doctors that you might be carrying a child with down syndrome, and would be delivering from May 2020 onwards, we like you to know that there is help for you.

From our proceeds, we want to provide a financial help of up to $2000 to defray some of your medical cost.

We have been through a journey or ups and downs, from seeing the bone doctor, heart specialist, endocrinologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, eye doctor just to name a few. It is really not as scary as it sounds, and we can share more of our experience.

We will like to open this financial assistance to any child born with down syndrome from Jan 2020 as well.

Much has been given to us, and now, we like to give back to you. Write to us and let us know who you are!


PS: Do write to us too if you like to donate to the children